Welcome to the X3treme Romance project. All stories on this site are true. They describe episodes from an on-going erotic adventure that I initiated several years ago. Here, I share accounts not only of romantic encounters with my goddesses, lovemaking sessions with my girlfriends, erotic rendezvous with my hot dates, but also sexual activities with one-nighters and tragic disasters.

All stories on this site are extremely original.

Enjoy and please come back often.

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Extreme Confessions

Extreme Erections. Learn why too much help can be bad for you.
Extreme Handjobs. Peruse episodes of extreme rub-and-tuck.
Extreme Orgies. Understand how mathematics is important in orgies.

x3treme romance

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Disclaimer. X3treme Romance is meant for entertainment and educational purposes only. Any resemblance of the characters or their names to real persons, living, dead or incarcerated, is ostensibly purely coincidental. Although the stories are based on facts, the author does not claim that they are factual.

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